“This show holds my life. Seeing a performance done by someone who relates to me so much meant the world to me.”

~ Hershey Suri


“Rag Head was created as an effort to educate audiences and help provide an antidote to the hateful intolerance so pervasive in this country today. The humor-etched monologues are effectively and affectingly executed."

~ Deborah Klugman STAGE RAW


Since 9-11 there has been an alarming increase in hate crimes against Sikhs, Muslims and other immigrant communities.The one woman show created by Sundeep Morrison, a first generation Canadian Sikh explores hate, hope and American identity.



By Sandra Endo Good Day LA FOX 11


"Sundeep Morrison, in her one-woman show Raghead, which was inspired by her far-too-close-for-comfort connection the 2012 Sikh Gurdwara shooting in Wisconsin, seamlessly slips into the personae of a host of characters, Sikh and otherwise, to humanize the process by which racial and cultural differences lead to anxiety and distrust. She helps us see firsthand both the heartbreaking pain of those who are demonized for merely trying to live the American dream and the fear that creates domestic terrorists out of those who vilify anyone who doesn't look like them. The powerful conclusion to the piece should serve as a reminder that we must remain vigilant in safeguarding the idea of America as a nation of immigrants where all should be welcomed."

~ Mayank Keshaviah LA WEEKLY

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“Sundeep’s amazing portrayal of the all the characters personalized the tragedy. RAG HEAD is a must see for every sikh, and non-sikhs as well.”

~ Bicky Singh Founder SikhLens Foundation


“Are conversation and a friendly demeanor enough to be truly accepted as an American? Shows like Rag Head are a beginning point to start having these conversations sooner, rather than later. Sundeep Morrison tackles these questions, with her one woman production, Rag Head, a story centered on a Sikh American family, and their struggles to exist as Americans in Wisconsin.”

~ Debesh Das Asian Highway 1



“Morrison buries herself in the characters, bringing each monologue vividly to life through vocal inflection, physical movement, and change of costume, be it a Sikh mother, attorney or white supremacist. Her emotional range is wide: an angry yokel; a gentle, generous store owner; a grieving father, all revealed through the prism of her expressive eyes. Rag Head powerfully addresses hate, hope and American identity as it reveals the growing surge of xenophobic violence and harassment in our hate-filled world and sheds a revealing light on the often misunderstood Sikh community.”

~ Mary Mallory TOLUCAN TIMES


“Sundeep Morrison debuted her one-woman show, Rag Head, about Sikhs living in post 9-11 America last spring. It was such a success it’s having another run.” ~ Suzan Flilipek LARCHMONT CHRONICLE