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Sundeep Morrison was born to Punjabi Sikh parents in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Her mother was a seamstress and father was a cab driver and often worked long late hours and she spent most of her time with her maternal grandmother, her "Biji" who raised her. Biji would share childhood stories subtly interweaving them with cautionary life tales. Biji was Sundeep's best friend and mentor who instilled a love of her Indian heritage and Punjabi culture. Those childhood lessons served as the blueprint for Sundeep to pursue her passion as a story teller and shed light on the beautiful and at times painful complexities of growing up with deep eastern roots in a western world. Sundeep was inspired by her parents to write her one woman show RAG HEAD which explores Sikhs in America and by her Biji and daughter to write her debut novel a feminist guidebook / memoir titled: Lady Bitch Whore. Sundeep is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy NY/LA and lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.