Lady Bitch Whore

By Sundeep Morrison

Being a woman is hard. Most of the time we are either on the giving or receiving end of labeling women. Some women strive to attain and maintain these labels while others spend their lives trying to shed them. Morrison's raw honest life story serves as part memoir, part survival guidebook and is what every girl needs to make her journey easier. As a daughter, sister, wife and mother Morrison is fed up with the main stream message that only way you'll get noticed is by being perfect, mean or sexy. Morrison illustrates how healing your past can help to identify, avoid and shed the label that you often unknowingly wear.

Sundeep was inspired by her maternal grandmother her, "Biji" and the birth of her daughter to write her debut novel a memoir titled:

Lady Bitch Whore.

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By Sundeep Morrison

On August 5th, 2012 a white supremacist walked into a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin and murdered six people. This devastating tragedy affected Sikhs worldwide. Sundeep, a child of Sikh immigrant parents who are deeply connected to the Wisconsin Sikh community, led her to investigate the recent surge in xenophobic violence and harassment prevalent in post 9-11 America. Sundeep Morrison seeks to shed light on the often misunderstood and misrepresented Sikh community.

America has always stood for unity but how can we stand united when what it means to be an American divides us? With xenophobia running rampant more than ever, many people still don't know who Sikhs are and the injustices we face. Set in a small American town and inspired by actual events, RAG HEAD explores hate, hope and American Identity.