Lady Bitch Whore

By Sundeep Morrison

Sundeep was born to Indian immigrant parents in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Her mother was a seamstress and father was a cab driver and often worked long late hours and Sundeep spent most of her time with her maternal grandmother her, “Biji” who raised her. Biji would share childhood stories subtly interweaving them with cautionary life tales. Feeling like an outsider in her own family during much of her childhood, Biji was Sundeep’s best friend and mentor.

    Those childhood lessons served as a blueprint for Sundeep to help navigate through many obstacles in her life and have shaped who she is today.

Sundeep was inspired by her Biji and the birth of her daughter to write her debut novel a memoir titled:

Lady Bitch Whore.

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By Sundeep Morrison

If you're a turban wearing Sikh living in a post 9/11 America, it’s akin to walking around with a target on your head. America has always stood for unity but how can we stand united when what it means to be an American divides us? With xenophobia running rampant more than ever, Sikhs no longer feel safe in a place they call home. Set in a small American town and inspired by actual events, RAG HEAD explores hate, hope and American Indentity.


Sundeep will be performing her first one woman show RAG HEAD in Los Angeles April 13, 14 and 15th at the Ruby Theatre at the Complex Hollywood. Ticket LINK HERE

Sikh Awareness Workshop Post Show Sunday. Ticket Proceeds will benefit the Sikh Coalition subscribe below for updates.